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Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups - K.S.D.E.O. "EDRA" is a non-profit organization, being active in the field of Mental Health and Mental Retardation since 2001, with the objective of promoting mental health, defending the rights of vulnerable groups, informing and sensitizing the general public on mental health.


Our organization is certified with an ISO 9001:2008; it also has an Administrative Efficiency Certification issued by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization and is regulated by the Transparency Register of the European Union (524950719942-02). It is also a member of the National Register of the Private Sector Non Profit Organizations providing social services, as well as in the Special Register of the Voluntary Non Governmental Organizations (09112ΣΥΤ12066041Ν0042).and in the Register of Cultural Organizations of the Ministry of Culture.

It is also a member of distinguished networks such as N.E.F.E.L.E. Network (Network of European Arts Festivals for Mental Health) currently serving as President of the Board, E.N.A.L.M.H. (European Network of Active Living for Mental Health) currently serving as Vice- President of the Board, EUFAMI (European Federation of People with Mental Illness), “ARGO”, the Federation of organizations for the Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Mental Health in Greece, a member of the Federation of Voluntary Non-governmental Organizations of Greece etc


Mental Health

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, “EDRA” operates two Units of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Boarding Houses ”Hippocrates I & II”) and two self - supported Living Apartments for people with mental disorders as part of the de-institutionalization project named «PSYCHARGOS». Furthermore, our organization has recently established the project Citizens’ Information Center for Mental Health & Social Integration Services.

Mental Retardation

It operates the “Nefeli” Supported Living Residence (S.L.R.) for people with Down syndrome and moderate or severe intellectual disabilities co-occurring with signs of autism.


Child and Family support

“EDRA” has set up in cooperation with local municipalities eight(8) Psychopedagogical Centers in Attica region, which take care of children and adolescents from 3 to 17 years old, facing learning difficulties. Moreover, it provides an e-learning programme and in-house support*.

Provided services:

  • Speech & language  Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychological support & Family consulting
  • Social Worker
  • Special & Inclusive education

At the same time, “EDRA” operates a Center of Early Attention – Pre-School Level Education named ‘’Chryssalida’’, taking care of children suffering from various syndromes, aged from 0 to 6 years old. “EDRA”, as well, operates the Childrens’ Cultural Club, which suggests an original idea of combining both cultural education and entertainment for children.

* The services mentioned are certified with an ISO 9001:2008 and provided fully under the umbrella of public social insurance, demanding no extra cost for the persons looked after.

Vulnerable social groups

Our organization is implementing the Programme “Social Structures for Immediate Social Intervention against Poverty” in collaboration with the Municipality of Ilion, under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Labour. Furthermore, it operates the project “Housing and Re-integration” in Attica Region, which aims at fully integrating the homeless people back to society, as well as the “In-Home Assistance Project”, taking care of elderly and disabled people in the regions of Trikala and Peristeri.

European Programmes

“EDRA” has a Department for Social Planning and Project Implementation, which is oriented to E.U projects, like Erasmus+, Creative Europe e.t.c., mainly related to Mental Health, Culture, Education, Women Entrepreneurship and others. “EDRA” is also promoting Greek and foreign volunteers’ mobility within the “European Voluntary Service” – KA1/ Erasmus+.

Other activities

“EDRA” is engaged in several voluntary programmes; it organizes the annual Arts and Mental Health International Festival “ART4MORE”, the “Pan-Attica Sport Event for Mental Health & Disabilities” and other activities. “EDRA” has also developed a Lifelong Learning Center, providing adult educational programmes.

Headquarters address:

5-7 Aeschylou St., Peristeri, Post Office Box: 12134

Τ. 210-5913826 f.210 5762861

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Site: www.edra-coop.gr

facebook: ΚΣΔΕΟ ΕΔΡΑ / twitter: @KSDEOEDRA / Youtube: Κ.Σ.Δ.Ε.Ο ΕΔΡΑ


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