100 Mirrors


100 Mirrors: Tools for the Motivation of Women for Entrepreneurship

In Europe, even though women have equal rights and same privileges as men, inequalities in some areas still persist. Statistics show a relative lack of women in management positions, to give but one example. It appears that women’s creative, innovative and leadership competences are not held in as high regard as those of men.


‘100 Mirrors’ project aims to improve this status quo by developing a website as a means of communication among women entrepreneurs in the participating countries. Thus it gives them the chance to showcase experiences, skills, abilities, limitations and difficulties they have faced, but also how they have succeeded in improving their lives by being a leader in various areas, in an attempt to share with others the entrepreneurial spirit and self-motivation.

Mentoring and coaching support often extends any relevant education significantly. The project will give users access to a mentoring tool: the record cards. The aim is to prompt other interested women to develop into fully active and successful entrepreneurs and, through an analysis of good practices, provide them with the effective tools and indications that will help them to gain competences and resolve difficulties encountered. They will be able to discuss how other women began, what methods they followed, how they dealt with competition and problems as well as their views on key competences required.


Our objectives are to:

  • Identify indicators and businesses, organizations and institutions that will serve to identify women entrepreneurs in different social environments.
  • Select from different European countries 100 women entrepreneurs who will serve as models for others wishing to start their own businesses or strengthening their creative and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Begin to analyze how women became entrepreneurs, the methods they followed, the difficulties they faced and their performance in key competences.


Partnership in the project consists of seven entities of different expertise (Universities, Local Enterprise Agencies, Organizations for Women’s Employment, Confederations of Women’s Business Associations, Agencies for Vocational Training and Human Resources Development) from Greece, Spain, France, the Great Britain (Scotland) and Poland, and another 36 agencies as silent partners. Each country has representation in various fields of knowledge necessary for the project’s success including one partner University, representatives of women entrepreneurs, one partner Chamber of business organizations and representatives from other sectors in non-formal education and business development.


‘100 Mirrors’ partners are:


The University of Zaragoza, Indico, Omega (Spain), BD Center (Poland), La Maison de l’Initiative Scop (France), CRE8TE (Scotland), Edra (Greece)


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