Garden... in the Backyard

‘Sto Vathos … Kipos!’ (In the Background Is a Garden!)

Environmental Program for 5-to-12-Year-Old Children


In the Municipality of Ilion, Edra implements, through Ekfrasi Children’s Cultural Club, ‘Sto Vathos … Kipos’, an environmental program for children aged 5-12. The program involves a lot of activities including growing vegetables and aromatic plants and getting to know how to use them; and involvement with fruit trees and organic and natural farming. The program principally aims to build children awareness of environmental issues, connect food to land, bring children into contact with nature and instill the attitude that anyone can be a young gardener, even in the city. Creative expression and experiential play are the pathway to successful operation of the scheme.


The program provides children with natural environment and plant production education through first-hand experience, games and activities performed in the beautiful area of ‘Antonis Tritsis’ Environmental Awareness Park.


Activities included in the educational program are about:


  • Greek vegetables: how to grow and take care of them; what kinds are fit to eat according to season
  • Greek aromatic plants: what kinds there are; how we can identify and use them, say in cooking or medicine; how we cultivate them
  • Greek fruit trees: how we plant and look after them; what they provide us with
  • Organic farming: how we work in it; how healthy the products are
  • The water cycle and its importance to plants and the environment


If you would like to imagine what a day in our program is like, you can simply close your eyes and …


… listen to the sound of children hoeing the field …

… feel their little hands covered in mud while playing with the soil …

… smell the fragrance of lavender in the air and on their hands having just rubbed its leaves …

… see their cheeks blushing with play in the garden …

You can see it clearly now. In the background is a Garden!!!


In addition to gaining knowledge of gardening (a kind of knowledge the average city dweller lacks altogether), children develop environmental awareness, team spirit and personal skills. Gardening offers them a most efficient means for exploring nature; discovering a great many other living organisms and their role in the environment; realizing the importance of the water, the sun, the soil and the energy cycles in nature; experiencing the life cycle; and starting to grasp the dynamic relations among natural elements. Taking care of the garden as a team and maintaining interpersonal communication, children develop a sense of responsibility, their powers of observation, patience, organizational skills, critical thought and imagination. Involvement with the vegetable garden adds one more advantage: that of adopting healthy dietary habits and preferences.


The program is run at 11.00 every Sunday in ‘Antonis Tritsis’ Environmental Awareness Park, on a site that has been offered to Edra. Members meet at Natura building.


Applicants for the program must submit a written application to:


Ms. Maritina Kontaratou

Head of Educational Art Programs

Tel: +30 210-5901243

Mobile Tel: +30 6942056334

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Head of the Environmental Program: Ms. Evdokia Boukouvala


The educational programs are launched with the support of the

Organization of Management and Administration of

‘Antonis Tritsis’ Park




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