3rd ART4MORE '09

3rd ‘Art for More’ Festival 2009

Annual International Festival by K.S.D.E.O. Edra

In Celebration of World Mental Health Day

From 9 to 11 October at Art House Venue, Free Admission

Browse the portfolio of works at the 3rd ‘Art4More’ 2009

The 3rd ‘Art4More’ International Festival took arts and mental health as its starting point. It ran from 9-11 October 2009 at Art House venue (46 Konstantinoupoleos St, Gazi) and was held in celebration of World Mental Health Day (10th October). The festival’s theme was diversity and the relationship between arts and mental health and featured international contemporary works of art, which were grouped by form into three areas: the plastic art area, the film area and the theater area.

When the festivities came to an end every evening, Natassa Bofiliou, Alexandros Youdas and Iliana Tsapatsari put on a fabulous live concert offering the audience an exhilarating experience throughout every single performance.

The 3rd ‘Art4More’ Festival focused on various representations of diversity in films, plays and plastic art, as viewed through the camera, body movement and works of artists from home and abroad, as well as on the scientific application of plastic art as a means of psychotherapy.

Original works of art were selected via the festival’s international competition sections as well as from award-winning collections of two festivals from abroad supporting ‘Art4More’: ‘Rendezvous with Madness’ International Film Festival (Canada) and ‘Corto Del Med’ International Alternative Mediterranean Festival (France).

An Information Stand was specially set up to provide visitors with information on mental health issues and Edra’s activities and programs. The festival’s proceedings also included a Meeting of Non-Governmental Organizations Launching Innovative Programs. A brief outline of the programs was given by means of posters, while Anima NGO won an award.

View Some of the Festival Highlights

Film Area

Animation I: Diversity and Uniformity: A variety of styles and techniques are employed in these short films exploring forms of diversity through animated cartoons and depicting human struggle to break free from social conventions and uniformity.

Animation II: ‘Anima’ Just Like ‘Soul’: This is an imaginative collection of motion pictures, each one representing a human emotion.

Fiction Shorts: This series of short films tells of a fictional world as captured through the camera of directors from home and abroad.

Video Art & Dance: These animated engravings by artist, Yianni Stefanakis, show how body image functions when put to clinical use, as a psychotherapy tool or a means of liberation.

Special Interest Films and Documentaries: Mental disorders and related topics are vividly depicted in this mental health and art themed collection of films, documentaries and visualized essays.

Tribute to ‘Rendezvous with Madness’ International Film Festival: ‘Rendezvous with Madness’ International Film Festival is the first and longest running (for seventeen years now) festival showcasing cinematic representations of mental health, addiction and recovery. The festival showcases independent filmmakers from all over the globe.

Theater Area

Playback Psi Group: ‘Playback’ is a theater event at which a group of specially trained actors enacts stories and narratives provided by the audience. A director is always present to use the audience as a source of inspiration for the themes the actors enact by improvising and co-ordinate audience-actors’ communication. Improvising includes sounds, movement, dialogue, object use, music, singing and lighting. ‘Playback’ combines physical theater with techniques used in drama therapy, psychodrama and social theater.

Olyna Xenopoulou: Based on the Medea Material by Heiner Muller as adapted for the performance Love+Death staged in Athens and Thessaloniki in 2007 and 2008, this monologue is an excerpt from the German dramatist’s stunning, daring poetic text that employs harsh deconstructive language and draws inspiration from Euripides’s Medea, the original work of the greatest tragedian ever. The text constitutes a novel humane approach to and a profound exploration of a woman’s mentality.

Dance etc ON/OFF Group: This is a group of performers producing performance installations. Performers Stefanos Letsits Softsis and Maria Softsi, who is also a choreographer, put on In-Tent – Prothesi Video Installation Performance.

Plastic Art Area

Part of the second floor was specially arranged to host established and lesser-known artists’ works and provided the perfect setting for the visitors’ ‘tour’ of plastic art. Among professional artists’ works, visitors had the chance to discover and become acquainted with works of art by service users in the mental health units. Participants: Mihalis Asthenidis (Photography), Vasiliki Koskiniotou (Painting), Evdokia Bartseli (Painting), Yiorgos Manousos (Painting), Vanik Hovsepian (Painting), Nikos Selelis (Painting), Spyros Beis (Painting), Canuto Kallan (Painting), D. Kritsotakis (Painting), Eleftherios Arelis (Painting), Anthoula Koga and  Verinia Manthou  (Installation), Vaso Fenekou (Art Crafts)


DJ Terry Asim., Alexandros Youdas

Friday 9th October

Iliana Tsapatsari, Natassa Bofiliou, Themis Karamouratidis

Saturday 10th October

Festival Organizing Team

Arts Management of ‘Art for More’ Festival

Maritina Kontaratou


President of K.S.D.E.O. Edra Organization

Maria Kerasoglou


Head of Social Marketing and Concert Management

Stavros Theodorakopoulos


Scientific Director of K.S.D.E.O. Edra Organization

Alexandros Ikonomou



Dimitris Ikonomou, Kristina Karatzidis, Gea Grigorirjev, Nora Droege


Coordinator of Volunteers

Elena Vagger



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