Nefeli S.L.R.

Nefeli Supported Living Residence (S.L.R.) has been operating since September 2011 in Thrakomakedones, Attica, as one of Edra’s units that principally aims at intellectually disabled and socially disadvantaged persons’ social integration.


The therapeutic residence is run on the principles of Community Psychiatry, de-institutionalization, semi-independent living, psychosocial rehabilitation and social integration. It has a capacity of 4 residents (young men) with Down syndrome and moderate or severe intellectual disabilities co-occurring with signs of autism.


During the first 24 months, the unit has been operating within the framework of ‘Full Integration of the Entire Labor Force into an Equal Opportunities Society – Local Actions for Vulnerable Groups in the Three Phasing-out Regions of Central Macedonia, West Macedonia and Attica’ of the Greek Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ Operational Program ‘Development of Human Resources 2007-2013’. It is co-financed by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the European Union – European Social Fund through NSRF.


The residents are supported by a multidisciplinary team consisting of occupational therapist, social worker, support staff, psychologist, project manager and scientific director, all regular staff providing full 24-hour services. The multidisciplinary team works cooperatively with outside consultants including psychiatrist, general practitioner, lawyer, nurse and dietician.


Our objectives are to:


  • Involve residents’ peers and family members in the treatment process and support adjustment to the new way of living
  • Tackle social stigma
  • Enhance residents’ social skills and foster participation and social interaction
  • Further residents’ sense of autonomy and independence
  • Offer family-style high-quality accommodation, healthcare, recreation, training and support services
  • Seek sponsors, volunteers and agencies so that support for a higher standard of living is provided for residents


We attain our objectives by running group and individualized programs and services including:


  • Enhancing residents’ individual and social skills through active psychosocial involvement in activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, tidying up their own personal rooms and shared facilities in the Residence, meal preparation and exchange with public and private sector services and shops
  • Holding parties and organizing events
  • Providing counseling to residents, their families or judicial supporters to facilitate adjustment to necessary lifestyle modifications
  • Building up a network of people around each resident so that isolation is avoided
  • Liaising with agencies involved in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability fields
  • Putting together long-lasting cooking, crafts, handicrafts and gardening teams
  • Teaching basic skills in computer and online learning programs management (pecs)
  • Arranging recreational and training outings to the community
  • Running domestic waste recycling programs and programs of building repairs
  • Growing vegetables and taking care of pets in the premises yard
  • Participating in the local community cultural events





Nefeli Supported Living Residence (S.L.R.)

Address: 7 Neariou St & 1 Kassandrou St

Thrakomakedones 13671

Tel. +30 210-2435803

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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