Educational Psychology Centers


The Educational Psychology Consultation Centers for Children and Families set up by K.S.D.E.O. Edra social care agency are involved with the types of learning difficulties, contributing and alleviating factors and primarily with the ways and methods they can be dealt with.


Every child has different needs and abilities and displays any learning difficulties in his or her own particular way. In the educational psychology centers, children attend scheduled one-to-one or group sessions tailored to accommodate their needs. Each session lasts for 45 minutes and includes speech therapy, occupational therapy and special education courses. In addition, the educational psychology centers provide psychological support and counseling programs for both the children and their families.

These individualized programs are systematically and consistently conducted by each therapist in an educational environment highly organized and properly arranged to fit the children’s needs.


Full coverage for the services rendered is provided under the Social Security System for users and their families. Moreover, services are provided at no cost to poor and uninsured persons.


Services are intended for children and adolescents from 3-17 years of age.


Individual programs include clear targets, procedures, methods and means in order that desired results for each person are reached, as well as mid- and final-term assessment, which makes it possible to monitor the student’s development and progress.


Therapeutic intervention is combined with suitable support counseling for both parents and children so that problems encountered can be resolved the soonest possible.


Keeping parents informed on a regular basis as well as collaborating with schoolteachers are considered not only useful but also essential.


Definition of the term ‘learning difficulties’

The term ‘learning difficulties’ is used to refer to a group of challenges a child has in the acquisition and use of reading, writing, speaking, listening, reasoning or mathematical abilities. These difficulties are intrinsic to the individual and presumed to be due to Central Nervous System Dysfunction. Learning difficulties may co-occur with other disabling conditions such as intellectual disability, sensory deficits or social and emotional disturbance. Environmental influences such as insufficient or inappropriate instruction, family problems or psychogenic factors may be contributing factors. Learning difficulties can include the conditions of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia.

In this connection, ADHD is a developmental disorder that affects many areas of a child’s functioning, thus causing difficulties to the child as well as his or her family and social environment. It is diagnosed in pre-school and school-aged children and is characterized by difficulties in learning and behavior. Children with ADHD also have trouble organizing and completing a task or activity.


Innovative Services/Programs

Apart from the services provided with respect to learning difficulties in the Educational Psychology Centers, a new program titled ‘Career Counseling’ has been recently initiated. The program aims to inform and guide children and adolescents on career issues with the goal to boost confidence and encourage them as regards career and school grade choice. Through a variety of tasks and specialized tools, students have the opportunity to identify and become aware of personal and social traits as well as their own skills. In this way, the program offers them the chance to construct their personality profile and focus on a chosen career. It was run as a pilot program during the first six months of 2011 and offered free counseling to a total of six students aged 15-17.


Aiming at informing and raising teacher awareness about learning difficulties issues and recognizing the necessity for their lifelong learning, Edra fosters successful collaboration with networks of Primary Education teachers. It organizes open educational seminars for teachers on ‘Learning Difficulties-ADHD: Identifying and Addressing Them’ in the educational psychology centers and in schools. Each seminar lasts for three hours and includes presentation of reports by experts on the fields of children’s psycho-emotional development and learning difficulties, followed by discussion and exchange of views. To this day, Edra has run two educational seminars in which 70 teachers have participated free of charge.


‘Education and Awareness Program’ is a new service Edra has launched for parents and teachers. The purpose is to inform and sensitize on issues such as understanding a child’s behavior, dealing with difficulties arising in adult-child relationship and managing negative behavior effectively.


Study room: In this cozy, elegant room that Edra has created in line with the educational psychology centers’ operation children aged 6-12 can do their homework while expert assistance from scientifically trained staff is provided throughout. Our aim is that children complete their study in a pleasant environment, are thoroughly prepared for school when they leave the premises and still have time left for leisure.



The Work of a Social Worker

The Work of a Special Education Teacher

The Work of a Speech Therapist

The Work of an Occupational Therapist

Family Counseling


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