Psycho-Social rehabilitaion house

Edra runs two Psycho-Social rehabilitaion homes in Ilion and Peristeri, Ippokratis I and Ippokratis II, which were established in line with law 2716/99 and formed part of ‘Health-Welfare’ Operational Program 2000-2006 of ‘Psychargos Phase B’ Program for the reform of psychiatric services in Greece, de-institutionalization and socio-economic rehabilitation of mentally impaired people.


The two Mental Health Units, which are supervised by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity, provide accommodation for 25 persons and serve as an alternative approach to the support for and psychosocial rehabilitation of adults with severe intellectual disability and secondary mental disorders.


The Psycho-Social rehabilitaion homes provide services aimed at constantly improving individuals’ performance in coping with daily living challenges, securing that they remain participating members of society and assisting them in developing meaningful personal relationships with the local community.


To accomplish these goals, we use tools such as training in daily living and social skills, administering psychological support for the residents and their families, encouraging pre-vocational awareness and occupation, stimulating leisure time and educational activities and providing physiotherapy as well as speech therapy.


Individual needs are addressed through continuous evaluation of activities, staff support and encouragement of lifelong learning. Research activities and alternative therapeutic interventions are also promoted with the aim of enhancing skills through various natural environment based activities and programs such as the Therapeutic Riding program carried out in ‘A. Tritsis’ Park as well as the Therapeutic Gardening and Physical Psychotherapy program conducted in the grounds of the boarding homes.



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